About everything i post here.


First, I would like to thank all the people who visit this place daily, and apologize because english is not my first language.

I would like to clarify a fact that has occurred more often here: Users have been asking me that they do not find some ships, even after many hours and reloads. It’s not me who find these ships, this is like a library where you can find everything, but that doesn’t mean I found it.

I am subject to the ship’s finder, multi-tool, freighter not erring the coordinates it makes available on the internet. Today, I can’t check everything I post here (my pc doesn’t run NMS very well, and unemployed, I’m focusing on things that can get me out of this situation).

Some exotic ships are very difficult to obtain due to the game’s RNG, so even if you do a lot of reloads, there is a chance of never appearing the ship that was posted is huge.

My current frighter took basically 4 days for me to activate the battle with the right freighter and the right class.

Some discoverers, like cebad, give detailed information on how to find the multi-tool, and it marks the location on PS4. In conclusion, I know it is frustrating to spend hours and not find the ship you are looking for. Whenever the discoverer posts more information, as if the ship appears on the first wave, I always give that information in the posts. Everything that is S class in this game has a very low spawn rate, so we have to be patient.


Thank you,

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  1. I’ve found that if you’re not in the same galaxy (eissentam for example), the portal cords for that ship will not work. So if you’re in Euclid, and you’re trying the portal cords for a ship in eissentam, it will warp you to a different location in Euclid, not Eissentam. Hope this helps, and Thank you for this site and to all you ship hunters out there ✌


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