Alien Multi-tools – S Class

Discovery by Vyk’Rahn, posted by TerriblePurpose


Guide by TerriblePurpose to find these weapons:

I portalled to the system and found the cabinet on planet XOLEY Q5 (irradiated world). In case you can’t find the cabinet, it’s at location [-28.04, -143.19]

Top one is in the space station pool. Bottom one is in the planet Mivaleri Awas’ pool. If you want the top one, just portal to the system, land at the marked outpost on XOLEY Q5 (I marked it with a Comm station for PC, as has u/donzo29 for XBOX), walk in and grab it. If you want the bottom one, travel to planet Mivaleri Awas, land and exit your ship. Reload, then fly to planet XOLEY Q5. Land at the marked outpost and grab the tool.

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