Experimental Multi-tool Collection by Vorian76

All images and discovery belong to Vorian76

oode25yhn9r11Portal Address: http://nmsportals.github.io/#01B7FCFFAFFC


I’ve marked the Experimental rifles location with a com station. From the portal head in a north direction. Ignore the other coms on the planet those are from before NEXT. The long & Latt are +24.92,-33.62

Vorian76 (2018)

k3n8pr7rj9r11Portal Address: http://nmsportals.github.io/#012C037FF983


From portal planet head to Irodagen, save and reload. Head back to portal planet (Naga 14/H4). S-class cabinet is there. S-class location is marked with a com station. Incase this does not show long & Latt is -5.82,+133.02

Vorian76 (2018)

027knnghr9r11Portal Address: http://nmsportals.github.io/#0092049CDF12


You will need to reload on the planet named The Docking Station.

The MT S-class spawning location is marked with a com station. Incase this does show, it’s position on the planet is. +6.46,+111.69

Vorian76 (2018)

vbdra5jy0ar11Portal Address: http://nmsportals.github.io/#0204037FF983


Reload on the moon Delionia. Then head to the moon Fanuymph, the S-class cabinet is there, marked by a com station. If that does not show the long&Latt is +41.80,+57.04

Vorian76 (2018)

rf0176v6f9r11Portal Address: http://nmsportals.github.io/#0150047FF986


S-class cabinet is located on the portal in planet. You’ll also need to reload on that planet after arriving. S-class tool location is marked with a com station and incase it doesn’t show up the long&Latt is -61.82,-43.34.

Vorian76 (2018)

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